Questions & Answers

When will more dates be available? 

The schedules are released a couple months at a time as trails are subject to change and the walk times always depend on daylight times changing through the year. 

No more desired spots (share a llama)? 

We can have up to 2 humans per llama maximum. If the booking icon is green, spaces are still available, when we are sold out they will turn grey. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

If you must cancel because of Covid guidelines changing or a boarder closure, we will send you a online gift certificate to rebook at your convenience.

 Due to weather being unpredictable we will contact you a few hours before your booking if we feel we should be closed. In that case you would be sent an online gift certificate. In some other cases we may also change the time of your booking for the same day if the weather seems to be reasonable. The River walk and kid friendly walks are more sheltered from the rain/wind, for that reason this could also be an alternative instead of cancelling your booking. The llamas/Alpacas have rain coats, if it’s light rain the walks will still happen. If due to any other personal reasons 1 week notice is required (7 days). If you’d like to change the date of your booking a 48hours notice is required.

Are we riding the lamas?

No, llamas and alpacas will be walked on a leash. 

How long are the hikes?

The length of each hike is a bit different. Please visit our “Tours” section to view all options. 

Do they spit?

No they typically don’t spit at humans, as this is their defense mechanism.

What is the minimum age to participate in the hikes?

7 years old and over for the River walk and Beach walk. All ages for the kid friendly walks and winter walk. 7 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult. This is simply to prevent horseplay with our animals and to be sure people hold on to the leash correctly.

Will you be doing farm visits?

Yes, currently we offer them as part of our kid friendly walks. As we are in  them middle of moving to our new land some animals are in one location and some are still at home. We will have dates available as soon as the move is completed.

What is the cost?

check our “Book now” tab for all prices

How big of a group can join on the hikes?

We take 8 llamas/alpacas on the hikes, so group sizes should stay below 16. Subject to change as we follow health guidelines. 

Where do we meet?

The address for both the river walk and the beach walk can be found in the “Information” section of the menu up top. There is also an interactive google map to get directions.

What happens in the case of bad weather?

If weather is bad, your tour guide will call you. At this time you’ll have the choice to rebook or be sent an online certificate to choose another date at your convenience. 

Do they like being walked? 

Yes, they actually love going out for walks as they can explore the wilderness.  You will be able to give them treats at the end of the tour.

Until when are you open?

We are open year round. Availabilities can always be found by clicking “Book Now”.

How are they treated?

They are treated with care and passion. The llamas/alpacas have been raised as domestic animals, so they are never overworked (max 4 walks per day). Their health and well being is our #1 priority.

How do I book?

You can book by clicking the “book now” button on the home page of our website. You will need the following information:

-Credit card 

-Personal Information

-Group size

-Dates/Times Required

Do you come to us?

If you have a special event or a unique request we will try our best to accommodate you. Fees will be determined once we review your request. As traveling with a truck/trailer is expensive, our travel fee is 2$/km Round trip. 

Group homes, special care homes and senior homes. Please have your activity director/management to contact  us. Due to high demand and travel cost we will now have a small cost to do these visits. For homes in surrounding areas (within 30km) our fee is 100$ for an hour. If outside our area our fee is 100$ for and our plus 1$/km round trip. 

Do you offer Gift Cards?

Yes we do, they are available under the “Book now” button. Once selected scroll to the bottom of the list. You can select any amount desired but if you are looking to purchase a specific walk prices can be found under “Tours”. We do not have physical cards, a certificate is sent by email with a code to yourself or the receiver. They do not have an expiry date. 

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